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Using TRAKMYOFFICE you can able to track the organizational activities from Client handling, Project Management, Employees, Projects, Billing and Accounting etc. It is constructed in an easy way to adapt for any kind of organization. TRAKMYOFFICE software provides a complete solution to all the management activities like project, client, CRM, HR, payroll, time, marketing, sales, inventory, ticket, vendor, admin, accounting & finance, mail integration, documentation & training. We offer extensive unified management service package including a tailor-made development programs designed to fulfil the unique needs of the customers.

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TRAKMYOFFICE has continually pushed the bounds of technology to be able to offer the latest technological advances in business management software. Spend less time in managing all the business management activity by using TRAKMYOFFICE software. By storing your data online instead of storing it in computer, the data’s can be easily accessible, up-to-date & secure in TRAKMYOFFICE software.



TRAKMYOFFICE is a master for project management system. We undertake a planned series of activities and design them in synchronized with our client’s requirement. Whenever we start a new project, the progress that will be included is overall designing, analysis, auditing and managing of projects from research to finalization in order to produce a functionalities and financial applicable project that will be completed on scheduled time and within the approved price to required standards. Our TRAKMYOFFICE offers partners with clients to deliver high quality productive & interactive projects.


TRAKMYOFFICE client management software system is developed almost for all organizations. It is actually used to customize store progress information to our client details which helps for easy access and search our client details. TRAKMYOFFICE client management system automates time calculating, extravagant task for positioning, patching, managing clients in multiple areas like project / task deadlines, milestones, payments, tickets etc. The process of collecting client-information is truly a challenge, as periodic information is looked upon as time-consuming and demanding. Our client management system is a group of network which can be used by multiple clients. Our TRAKMYOFFICE client management software system is completely scalable and managed as per industry requirements.


TRAKMYOFFICE offers customer relationship management software system for small business, mid markets, enterprises and organizations with the focus on sales & support. TRAKMYOFFICE makes customer relationship management system to customize the leads, contacts, firm, partners, vendors and suppliers. The ability of a business to interact, understand and resolve customer queries immediately improves customer relationship. Our TRAKMYOFFICE software’s has capability that includes, sales management system, partner relationship management, customer care service and marketing automation which helps organization manage clients account, track the sales & lead, conduct & monitoring market campaigns and furnish service post sales. Everything can be seen in this background, email history, events, projects and opportunities.


TRAKMYOFFICE human resource management system contains all employee records, providing you easy access to the information you need, enforce policies consistently and build your business. Our TRAKMYOFFICE software controls costs by eliminating the need to enter data into many systems and improve HR productivity. TRAKMYOFFICE can able to construct and maintain the features that are flexible and various to your firm. It covers all management methods and analytical techniques applied in human resources management which includes employee information, leave management, performance growth, maintain roles and access among the employees in your firm.


TRAKMYOFFICE payroll software enables you to ease these challenges effectively by delivering a consistent payroll processing capabilities. Having payroll software ensures integrity and security of data and avoids difficulty. TRAKMYOFFICE deals with the financial aspect of employee’s salary, special allowance, deductions, net pay, gross pay and generation of pay slips under the payroll management. It is simple, effective, user-friendly and easy to implement in your firm. Using TRAKMYOFFICE application, system is linked directly to employee information & time and attendance tracking software can reduce the risk of entering & calculation errors greatly while making pay easily.


TRAKMYOFFICE time tracking simplifies global workforce management by configuring workflows, processes, work rules in single & consumer driven application. Our TRAKMYOFFICE completely automated time & attendance solution’s, reduce labor cost, enforcing pay & work rules, consistently & accurately across the organization. Much easier and effective way to read a time, tracks employee activities, pay offs & vacations and generates exact time reports on TRAKMYOFFICE. It is simple to build your company’s projects & clients, approve to fill in their employee’s time sheets of that firm. We increase the productivity by approving managers to monitoring the employee’s time & project handling.


TRAKMYOFFICE marketing management provides a simple framework in which you can able to design a marketing plan that will help you to attract customers, grow sales & deliver an experience to the customers. TRAKMYOFFICE are well good in marketing management which focuses on the practical application of marketing orientation, techniques and methods inside your firm. Marketing is done in multiple channels Email Campaign, SMS Campaign, Social Media Campaign etc. It helps to track & review of a company’s marketing resources and activities. TRAKMYOFFICE is the organizational discipline which focuses on the practical application of marketing orientation, techniques & methods inside enterprises and activity.


TRAKMYOFFICE sales management is a business which is focused on the practical application of sales techniques and the management of a firm’s sales operations. TRAKMYOFFICE focuses mainly on sales management which manages their contact better, track sales deals more efficiently and save the time for the vendors. It enables to gain increased insight into key performance indicators across their company. Leads can be contacted from the built-in Telephony System. TRAKMYOFFICE is a web CRM that gets salespeople and business owners organized. Sales CRM should also give sales managers a simple yet clear overview of how their team is performing to sell better.


TRAKMYOFFICE inventory management software helps to oversee & control the orders, storage & use of components your company will use in the production. TRAKMYOFFICE is very simple and easy to use online inventory management software which helps you to manage inventory in a click. TRAKMYOFFICE furnishes a complete inventory management solution for your company, tracking items, controlling inventory and by reducing paper flow. TRAKMYOFFICE has ability to purchase, billing, stock maintenance etc.


TRAKMYOFFICE ticket management software is a widely-used & trusted support system. It seamlessly routes inquiry via email, web-forms & phone calls into a simple, easy-to-use, multi user, web-based customer support platform. TRAKMYOFFICE comes packed with more features & tools than most of the expensive support ticket system on the market. TRAKMYOFFICE supports you to ensure all the incoming tickets easily. You can trace unreserved tickets, belated tickets, closed and intensify tickets easily. Customer can also set a service level agreement to confirm that all receiving tickets are concludes within the resolution time set.


TRAKMYOFFICE vendor management system (VMS) software manages all non-employee labor and services procurement, providing you with true visibility into cost, compliance, risk and efficiency. TRAKMYOFFICE furnishes the world most powerful vendor management system. Consolidate the whole process of managing all the vendors, suppliers with the services contracted, services completed, approval, invoice generation, Approval for payment, Actual Payment from finance team. TRAKMYOFFICE application allows an organization to secure & manage staffing services on a temporary, permanent or contract basis.


TRAKMYOFFICE admin management system software is frequently used in completing tasks associated with your day-to-day mission. TRAKMYOFFICE takes over the classical way of managing work individually and provides a comprehensive solution that improves efficiency & effectiveness while bringing down the costs. Our TRAKMYOFFICE oversee the support operation of an organization with the assets, work locations, handling admin issues, work location, assets AMC & maintenance, work approval and payment. Our strong administrative management system can be organized and detailed oriented with the good analytical skill to run day-to-day progress.


TRAKMYOFFICE is a very simple and easy-to-use online accounting & finance management software which helps you to manage business finances and stay on top of their cash flow. Keep tracking of your finance and other people’s finance is an important task which helps you to monitor your money & assets. TRAKMYOFFICE financial management goes beyond the basic of accounting and focus on fast, cost, insights and agility. This specific application includes full range of finance, real time business insights and fully auditable process management with the functionality idles designed for companies in different domains. TRAKMYOFFICE helps to add value to our clients account process, therefore build up the revenue and decrease the cost, more account at a time.


TRAKMYOFICE makes it radically easy to create, send and measure the impact of your email marketing campaigns. With our TRAKMYOFFICE email integrations you can use online forms to gather contact information and automatically update your email subscriber lists. Use this data to engage with your subscriber base and send your customer updates, helpful tips, special offers etc. Track your e-mail communication & view all your e-mail communication in one place using TRAKMYOFFICE. Your organization is starting up a stream ever since you made the wise choice of setting up a CRM application which helps to your sales and marketing system. They are able to close more deals in a shorter time, however they notice the most of them still alive and relay on mail to exchange messages with the clients.


TRAKMYOFFICE web-based document management system software allows you to manage your documents more effectively, efficiently, increase productivity & ensure conformity. Automate all your document related processes with the user-friendly tools needed to securely upload, edit and share your documents throughout your organization while facilitating conformity with regulations & standards. TRAKMYOFFICE document management system is a completely web browser system which is easy-to-use. It is designed to meets your business unique needs and challenges without any expensive system setup and time consuming training. Increase your organization’s efficiency and productivity while decreasing your risk with TRAKMYOFFICE document management system.


TRAKMYOFFICE training management system software enables you to drive effective employee training, tracking & completion, empowering you to schedule & report on training within a click of button. It is simple to manage all your learning assets, create targeted training programs that close skill gaps, inspire employees & build the world-class talent that your organization needs. It will help the organizations in capturing the training demands/needs of the elected representatives and officials. Such detailed need capturing of training can lead to sizing the demand and preparation of training calendar and resource estimation.